Viceroy Serves Up Insanely Tasty Indian Food in Durham

The number of people who label themselves as “foodies” is ever-growing to the point where it almost makes you want to roll your eyes when someone says, “I am such a foodie”. But, guess what? We’re foodies, too! I mean it, though… We really are! One of the best parts of traveling? Enjoying the local cuisine. It’s literally the first thing that Jessie plans when she’s scoping out a new destination and the first thing she tells her friends and family about when they ask how her trip was.

But, our food obsession is not limited to the restaurants we try when traveling or the unique cuisines of foreign countries. In fact, we’re lucky enough to live in an area that has truly excellent dining options. It’s one of the greatest perks of living in the triangle. We’ll be sharing lots of tips on places to eat and drink on the blog as well as on our Instagram and Twitter so make sure to follow along there if you aren’t already!

Being a foodie means that you must love all kinds of food (not just pizza and burgers, though we DO love our pizza and burgers). That means Italian food, Mexican food, German food, and Indian food. Let us tell you about our recent experience at an Indian restaurant in Durham, NC.

Viceroy (located on W Main St.) serves up delicious Indian dishes in a British pub-themed environment and it’s absolutely worth a visit! The food, the atmosphere, the drinks, and the staff all make the experience fantastic at this local joint and have us ready to return for more as soon as possible.

Want to learn something else about us? Taylor is a BIG fan of spicy foods. He’s that guy that always orders things with the most spice possible at Thai, Indian, or buffalo wing restaurants. So, when the waitress asked us what level we wanted our food, Taylor went all in and chose the 5. They offer a scale of 1-5 or a “secret” 6, which isn’t actually such a big secret. The level 5 spice on the Maharaja Kabobs will bring the heat in a good way. If you don’t like spicy, though, we recommend going for a 3 or under.

Other great things on the menu include the Bhaji (try it with the Chaat if you’re feeling saucy), the Murg Mykanwala, and the naan. Never go to an Indian restaurant and skip on the naan. It’s so delicious. We. Love. Bread. Just like Oprah.

Viceroy’s drink menu is full of great cocktails, a decent selection of beers, and a little something for wine lovers. We highly recommend the Mucho Bueno. You can tell there is plenty of alcohol in the drink, so it’s not one of those places where you drop a bunch of cash for a sugary juice. That’s the worst.

Honestly (as lame and stereotypically Millennial this sounds) one of the most important things for a new restaurant these days is to have a great online presence. This means an Instagram account with drool-worthy pictures, some awesome Yelp reviews, and a user-friendly website that includes a current menu. The way we discovered Viceroy and decided it would be our next destination was through their Instagram account and we’re so glad that we gave it a try.

So, take a look at Viceroy’s Instagram, make a reservation ASAP, and check out their Holi Festival in March.

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