2017 Liebster Award Nomination

We’ve got some really exciting news to share: we’ve recently been nominated for the Liebster Award by one of our fellow travel blogger’s, Adri en Route. We’re so honored to be a part of the 2017 nominees and thankful that Adrienne nominated us! There are countless blogs out there and we’re so happy to know that even a few people are following along with ours and we’re so excited to see where Stay and Away will go in 2018.

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Learning to Fly in the OBX

As a gal who’s scared of heights, I felt some mixed emotions when I learned that I’d be doing some dune hang gliding with my coworkers on a recent trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Learning to fly (so to speak) was always something I’d secretly dreamed of doing, but I knew that due to my phobia it would be really hard to get me out there. Hot air balloons, hang gliding, and even sky high zip lining were things that were on my bucket list, but that I always took secret comfort in knowing that it was likely never going to happen.

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30 Bucket List Items for Your First Trip to Paris

A trip to Paris is usually near the top of every wanderluster’s list, and for good reason! The city is vibrant, full of romance, and definitely not lacking in tasty treats. Visiting the city of lights was near the top of my bucket list as well so my first trip to Paris in 2015 had me giddy with excitement. I can’t wait to return one day, but in the meantime, I thought I could pass along some advice on what others should do on their first trip to Paris. There are many wonderful sights and experiences around the city, but if you want to get a full experience from your visit, you should try to cross all of these things off your bucket list.

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The Best Apple Picking Near Raleigh, NC

As the season’s change and summer memories (and tan lines) start to fade,  some people go a little fall-crazy while others mourn the loss of the summer heat. It’s always a bit of a mixed emotions situation on our end. But over the years, it’s become easier to embrace the changes of the seasons and get excited for the traditions that each one brings.

Trying to soften the blow of the fact that summer was over, lake days were dwindling, and beach trips wouldn’t lead to as much fun in the sun, we began to search for a fun fall-themed activity close to Raleigh.

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Eight Things You Must Do in Barcelona

A view of the city of Barcelona

Stunning architecture, delicious restaurants where you’re encouraged to sit awhile and order as much as possible, and a rich history make Barcelona a city that should be at the top of your lust list. A quick three-day trip to this bustling city will leave you craving more of the Catalan culture. Read on for a list of 8 things you absolutely must do when visiting Barcelona.

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Viceroy Serves Up Insanely Tasty Indian Food in Durham

The number of people who label themselves as “foodies” is ever-growing to the point where it almost makes you want to roll your eyes when someone says, “I am such a foodie”. But, guess what? We’re foodies, too! I mean it, though… We really are! One of the best parts of traveling? Enjoying the local cuisine. It’s literally the first thing that Jessie plans when she’s scoping out a new destination and the first thing she tells her friends and family about when they ask how her trip was.

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Eight Ways to Save Money on Travel

Have you ever been sitting on your sofa at night, stuffing your face with Ben & Jerry’s while scrolling through your Instagram feed only to notice how many of your friends are posting travelgrams of all of their amazing adventures? How the HECK are they affording this? They’re the same age as you and you feel like you’ve got a pretty impressive job, but there’s no way you could afford all of these vacations with bae. Bills will be bills and it’s impossible to stay afloat with your financial situation.

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48 Hours in Cleveland: What to Do

Okay, okay so Cleveland isn’t exactly a huge tourist destination, but having recently visited, I’m thinking that might need to change. While there’s not quite as much to do as other large cities (such as Chicago, DC, or even Charleston) there are a few reasons why you truly should consider going to Cleveland if you’re ever given the chance. Make it a quick 48-hour trip and you’ll find plenty to fill your time with.

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The Ultimate Charleston Weekend Guide

Picture of Charleston Battery Park

Are you looking for a weekend getaway where you can get sloshed Friday night, sleep away your hangover on the beach the next day, and do it all again on Saturday night? You got it! Want to have a tasty, classy brunch followed by a day of shopping? No problem! Is your ideal getaway somewhere you can tour a few distilleries and go fishing? Yep, we know a place for you, too! The answer to all of these weekend goals? Charleston, South Carolina. It’s truly the perfect destination for a relaxing weekend.

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